Terms & Conditions: -

1. You'll have to place your order via an email for which you should visit Inputs required by email page in this site.

2. After your order is received via an email we'll email you the details of the the bill.

3. Shipping charges will be extra depending upon the weight of the consignment which we'll intimate you (after inquiring it from the shipping or courier company) in the details of the bill.

4. If you live abroad and you prefer to pay via Paypal then you'll have to add 5.25% of the total cost in the total cost so as to balance the commission charged by Paypal.

Total Cost = Cost of products + Shipping Charges

You have to pay = Total Cost + 5.25% of Total Cost

5. After emailing you the bill we'll dispatch the order only after the receipt of your payment.

6. After your payment is received we'll intimate you about its receipt via an email or phone or SMS.

7. After receipt of your inputs by email we'll click pictures of the requisite turban clothes and email pictures to you so that you can confirm color of the turban clothes. Alternatively you can email us pictures of your requisite colors. We'll finalize the turban cloth only after your consent (regarding its color or shade) via an email.

8. After dispatching your order we'll scan the consignment note (which will be received from the courier company) and we'll email it to you. We prefer to use DTDC or First Fight courier company. You can visit www.dtdc.com or www.firstflight.net to track the shipment by entering consignment number mentioned on the consignment note.

9. You should not worry a bit about the quality of the turban cloth or quality of the other products as we promise to deliver you the best quality available.

10. Usually we try our best to dispatch your order the same day of the receipt of your payment but sometimes it may take 2-3 days in the dispatch of your order depending upon our workload or/and public holidays in India.