Inputs Required by Email: -

1. Name:

2. Mobile No (with country code):

3. E-mail ID:

4. Your complete postal address (including pincode or zipcode):

5. Color Name or/and Color Code of turban clothes:

Note (1): -
If you find it tough to select your color from the shade cards we've provided in this site then you can email us pictures of your requisite colors.

Note (2): -
After receipt of your inputs we'll click pictures of the requisite turban clothes and email pictures to you so that you can confirm color of the turban clothes.

6. Length of turban clothes (in meters):

7. Breadth of turbans: - Single (width=1m) or Double (width=2m)

8. Choice of turban Clothes: - (i) Rubia (ii) Full Voile (iii) Rubia Voile (iv) Soft Rubia (v) Malmal

9. Details of other items you would like to purchase like Small dastaars (or patkas) as well as various Sikh stuff or Sikhi accessories, religious books, religious goods & religious paintings etc.

You can copy the format given above in 'Notepad' or 'MS Word' or 'Wordpad' & then you should type all of the inputs required against every heading, save the document & then email the completed document back.

If you don't know how to copy this format in some text editor then you can take a print out of this entire web page and write the inputs on the paper against every heading, scan the completed document, save it in pdf or jpg format and email it back.

Your personal data as well as your identity will be strictly kept confidential.